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Mil-Spec Connectors - Applications: Transducers, accelerometers, hydraulic valves, temperature sensors, aerospace, aircraft parts. MIL-C-26482; MIL-C-83723; MIL-C-38999 Series I, II, III and IV; MIL-C-26500 and MIL-C-5015. Fully interchangeable with other manufacturers' products.

Medical - Application: Heart pacers, cochlear implants ( multichannel), cardiac and respiratory monitors, exploratory probes, and other remote analyzing devices.

Multipin Headers - Applications: Relays, time delays, chokes, coils, choppers, capacitors, electronic "Black Boxes," and batteries.

Single Terminal Feed-Throughs - Applications: Capacitors, transformers, microwave packages, power supplies, general electronics.

Stamped and Coined Parts - Applications: General electrical and electronic products requiring high reliability, strength and positive hermetic sealing.

Thermal Battery Headers - Applications: Thermal Batteries.

Ordnance Detonators and Pyrotechnic Devices

Characterized by consistent high quality and reliability, Astrol Seal's pyrotechnic components include header assemblies for detonators, flush and raised bridge wire, squibs, gas generators, and igniters. Our technology in high quality glass to metal seals originated in this very demanding field, and our continuing familiarity with the needs of ordnance manufacturers assures successful fulfillment of their requirements. All materials and processes are certified to applicable Military Standard.


This silico ceramic composition is a proprietary formulation of oxides of silicate, metals and modifiers. Used in hermetic assemblies, Astrotherm provides resistance to nuclear radiation of operational intergrity to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, with excellent electrical insulation characteristics.