Lightning Protection

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Lightning Protection Overview


The need for lightning protection

Lightning protection systems are a very dynamic process, and is very important to maintain the effectiveness of these systems to protect buildings and electrical appliances using the latest technology.

Seratech offers products that keeps these guarantees in place. Our expertise in the field of lightning protection heavily complements the reliable and highly-efficient lightning protection products that have earned recognition and respect in the scope of lightning protection. But most importantly, the insurance against destruction of properties and the safety precautions taken against a potential lightning strike are the priorities in Seratech.


Products Overview


All our products in the lightning protection department are all enhanced to meet your needs. We have been passionately serving the commercial, industrial and residential market for over 20 years, and is still continuing with its legacy. Here, we have the components and systems that will protect your home or building in compliance with safety standards. The essentials are economically affordable, and meet basic protection.





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